1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Network Guarantee
  4. Account Credits
  5. Exceptions
  6. Colocation Service Hardware
  7. Network Traffic
  8. Service Management
  9. Acceptance
  10. Version

Service Level Agreement

ChangeiP Inc. recognizes the hosting needs of our customers and the imperative requirement to continually satisfy them. In the below Service Level Agreement we address the service level committed to by our company. This is a contract between ChangeiP Inc. and its customers.


“ChangeiP Inc.” refers to the service provider. “Customer(s)” refers to the person or entity who has purchased services from ChangeiP Inc. “SLA” refers to Service Level Agreement. “Service(s)” refers to the hosting option ordered by the Customer from ChangeiP Inc.

Network Guarantee

ChangeiP Inc. provides a 99.99% network guarantee of its own network to its Customers and as such, all Services and network equipment are monitored to meet this guarantee. However, ChangeiP Inc. cannot guarantee that remote networks will remain accessible at all times. This guarantee excludes any occasional scheduled maintenance, which ChangeiP Inc. will notify its Customers of in advance or the rare case of emergency maintenance which may be performed without prior notification in order to secure the Service.

Account Credits

If ChangeiP Inc. fails to meet the network guarantee terms of this SLA, it will issue a refund to the Customer(s) in accordance with the below schedule. Credits will be furnished within two billing cycles of the Customer’s notification, if approved. Credits are nonrefundable and will only be applied to future billing cycles.

  • Network Availability 99.0% - 99.99% : 10% of monthly fee credited
  • Network Availability 98.0% - 98.9% : 15% of monthly fee credited
  • Network Availability 95.70% - 97.9% : 20% of monthly fee credited
  • Network Availability 90.0% - 94.9% : 25% of monthly fee credited
  • Network Availability 89.9% or below : 5% credited for every 1% of lost availability

To receive a credit, Customers must meet the following criteria:

  1. The downtime must be reported to ChangeiP Inc.’s HelpDesk within ten business days of the downtime, along with the dates and times of the downtime.

  2. The downtime must be verified by ChangeiP Inc.’s HelpDesk


The Customer will not be offered credits if:

  • The Customer is past due on his/her account or is suspended.
  • The network is obstructed by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of ChangeiP Inc., including but not limited to, the failure of power, facilities, equipment or systems not provided by, owned or managed by ChangeiP Inc., acts of war, acts of any governmental body, armed conflict, acts of malice, sabotage, fire, flood, virus attacks, hackers, or Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.

Colocation Service Hardware

ChangeiP Inc. does not guarantee the uptime of hardware owned by Customers located within the data center premises, but will do its best to bring the hardware back online in the case of failure.

Network Traffic

ChangeiP Inc. does not guarantee that its network traffic will follow any specific network path or will receive any quantified traffic allocation. Due to the inherent nature of networks, all traffic is ultimately shared and the path selection will be at the sole discretion of ChangeiP Inc.

Service Management

All rendered services provided by ChangeiP Inc. are considered unmanaged, unless otherwise expressly noted by prior agreement.


By ordering Service from ChangeiP Inc., the Customer has acknowledged acceptance of this SLA as well as ChangeiP Inc.’s Terms of Service.


This SLA was last updated on March 22, 2016.

Thank you for letting us protect your privacy, security and freedom. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.